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MASERU - The Mthande hitmaker and Idols SA Winner 2013 winner Musa Sukwene has unleashed a sizzling hot new album on which he features the legendary Tshepo Tsholo. His third album was released earlier this month where he made a collaboration with Tshola on a track titled Bophelo - the only Gospel track on the album.

The Mpumalanga born musician’s new album consists of 12 tracks and is already in music stores in both South Africa, Lesotho and online stores. As he explains his album Musa the muso indicated that he put all his energy in it, which is why he decided to self-title it. “I felt I worked very hard writing and making all the songs, so I decided to give credit to my hard work,” he said.

Although he said all his tracks portray different emotions about love, Mr Serious mentioned Bophelo is his personal favourite. “In the track I worked with the Lesotho legendary Ntate Tshepo Tshola who has put Lesotho music in a map and it was such an honour to work with such legendary,” he said with stars his eyes.

“Growing up, I attended concerts where Ntate Tshola performed, I only wished and hoped, that one day I could make music with him, and today my childhood dream is achieved,” he said with a smile. Musa is known to be a “love salesman”. He lives and breathes love and his music is a perfect reflection of this disposition.

The 32-year old star builds on the massive success of his last album, Mr Serious. He has taken his time to craft the melodies and compose to his heart’s content and to top it all he produced it all by himself. The album has been a learning curve for Musa, a rite of passage in many ways.

Following the passing away of his hit maker producer Robbie Malinga, Musa found himself at a crossroads and he decided to take a giant leap of faith and go it alone. He is a testimony that talent coupled with enthusiasm and perseverance can take one far. One of his best loved track Mthande did not only open his way to penetrate the entertainment industry but gained him a massive support base.

Explaining the song, Musa said the track is not different from all his songs which speak about love. “All I do is sing about love, focus on love and share love, to avoid all other wretched staff people go through on a daily basis,” he said adding that love is beautiful. Although he is all about love, what surprises everybody is that he is still single.

Asked why he is single, he told this publication that he is single and living life. Musa was in the country a week ago, not to perform, but to promote his new album and this is not the first time he came to Lesotho. The first time he stepped in the country was during the Ultimate Music Awards 2016 where he was one of the central performers at the event. The first time he stepped into Lesotho, Musa said he was astonished by the massive support he got from Basotho. “I was thrilled by the support and love I received from Basotho and I totally felt in love with my Lesotho supporters,” he said.

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