Malema threat to ANC

By Mathapedi Ramonotsi

BLOEMFONTEIN – Former ANCYL president Julius Malema was expelled from the party because he poses a serious threat to some individuals in its top ranks, the Free State youth league has said.

Provincial secretary Lebogang Mogoera on Thursday, March 1 said Malema was a threat to the “interests of those co-opted by monopoly capital”, especially when he demanded nationalisation of mines and expropriation of land without compensation.

“…this is the sin he committed,” Mogoera said.

He said the youth league would firmly back Malema and still considers him its president.

The ANCYL’s show of support for Malema comes in the wake of his expulsion from the ruling party on Wednesday, February 29.

South Africa’s ruling ANC expelled party rebel Julius Malema for bringing the movement into disrepute, potentially sending the youth leader known for his calls to nationalise mines in the resource-rich country into the political wilderness.

Malema has 14 days to appeal the ruling, the ANC said in a statement. If he does appeal he could stay in his position as leader of the ANC’s youth wing until the appeals process is exhausted.

“Comrade Malema is a repeat offender … he has shown no remorse; is not prepared to be disciplined by the ANC,” the ANC said in a statement.

Mogoera said Malema had been singled out for censure although he had merely expressed the collective views of the ANCYL. “If all comrades Julius did was to respect the traditions and principles of the organisation, why was he isolated on these matters and now expelled.”

ANCYL provincial chairperson Kgotso Morapela said if Malema is “guilty then the whole league must be found guilty”.

But a defiant Malema after his ousting said, “the fight has just begun”, a battle cry which Morapela echoed.

Malema was found guilty in November by a party disciplinary council for violating ANC rules by causing rifts in the group and undermining its credibility. He had called for the overthrow of the government of neighbouring Botswana.
The expulsion came after the party’s prosecutors argued successfully for his five-year suspension to be aggravated, while Malema pleaded for mitigation. The latest development has brought Malema’s eventful political career closer to the abyss.

Malema can now only be saved by the party’s national disciplinary committee of appeal (NDCA), which can overturn the expulsion. If he fails here, the ANC’s national executive committee can review the verdict and expulsion.

His last resort is the party’s national conference in December that can review any decision by a structure of the party.
Mixed feelings over the decision taken by ANC were expressed across South Africa.

Ibrahim Sakir of the Electoral Institution for Sustainable Democracy in Africa said this is the end of the road for the flamboyant Malema.

“If he does not appeal, then it means it is over with his political career,” said Sakir. He also said what transpired after the news broke and would continue to hurt the reputation of the ANC.

“The youth is the future of the ANC but the culture portrayed is an indicator that the future of the ANC will be in trouble…it is a bad indicator of the party’s future,” he said.

Contrary to Sakir’s comments, University of the Free State professor Andrew Keet said the youth league and Malema are influential.

Malema was in his hometown of Seshego when the party’s national disciplinary committee decided on the final verdict, and informed party prosecutors as well as ANC officials about it.

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